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“That feeling of uncertainty - the feeling of not knowing if you’re capable to finish the race - is a gift,” says Charlie Engle, when speaking about his criteria for an adventure. At this point in Charlie’s career, he’s actively seeking adventures where completion is in doubt from the very start of the race.


Spartan Up Endurance Series host Johnny Waite talks with Charlie about the criteria he uses to choose his next adventure. In this episode you’ll learn:


-There’s no reason for age to be a limitation

-Charlie’s mission in life

-The 5.8 adventure series and why it’s exciting for Charlie

-How to pick your next endurance adventure

-Never make a big decision at your lowest or highest

-How does Charlie break-down a big adventure?


Connect with Charlie on social media:

-Instagram: @charlieengle


-Facebook: @CharlieEngleRuns

-Website: CharlieEngle.Com


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