The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

What does an Ultra Runner look like? Sometimes it looks like Mirna Valerio! Mirna, “The Mirnavator,” is busting expectations and stereotypes and she’s on a mission to make trail running, fitness and the outdoors accessible to all. She and Joe De Sena talk about some of the challenges and rewards of being an unconventional runner.  “I feel my most human out on the trails.” New to trail running?  She shares her 6 key tips to getting the most out of the sport. 


Mirna says  “I’m not out here to win sh*t, I’m out here to be on trails and show people that …  if you have a body like mine you can be on trails too!” Nature, fitness, Spartan races and trail running are for everyone. Have you thought about what you can do to help us on our mission to rip 100million people off the couch?  Are you welcoming new and different athletes to our sport? Forget the excuses, don’t be afraid to fail and just get out there - and inspire others to join you! 


  1. Live an enthusiastic life 
  2. Find the greatness in yourself 
  3. Embrace the joy of the trails 
  4. The trails are made for all body types 
  5. Bring joy to others 
  6. Forget excuses
  7. Inspire others 
  8. Don’t depend on motivation 
  9. Start wherever you are 
  10. Give yourself grace, time and be patient! 
  11. Do not be afraid to fall 
  12. Get a really good pair of trail shoes 
  13. Work on your core & lateral & leg strength 
  14. Go on the trails with a sense of adventure! 


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0:45 Sefra Alexandra introduces the “Mirnavator” 

1:30 special offer

2:30 Moving to the great state of Vermont 

4:30 “Slow As F*ck”

6:30 The “ZoomPocalypse” 

8:00 Growing up in a strong community in Brooklyn 

9:30 Starting her running “journey” 

11:00 Finding the greatness in yourself 

12:00 The joy of being out on the trails 

13:00 Food as fuel 

14:00 The trails are made for all body types 

15:00 Forget your excuses- get out there! 

16:00 Inspiring others 

18:20 break 

20:00 “A Beautiful Work in Progress” 

22:00 Starting wherever you are 

24:00 Getting injured and pivoting 

27:30 Trail Running tips 101 !

30:00 Adventures in the Copper Canyon 

32:00 Tracking her son 

35:45 Sefra the Seed Huntress reflects on this awesome episode

37:30 close 


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena & Sefra Alexandra. Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye are out on the trails! 

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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