The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Dr. Lara Pence says: Stress is something that we all encounter and learning how to be resilient to stress can be one of your most important skills. It’s important to remember and consider that stress isn’t going away anytime soon. Often we imagine that “life will get easier” but sometimes it just doesn’t. What does get easier? Our ability to manage and become more resilient. How do we do that when it comes to stress? It all starts with acknowledging and accepting stress. It’s not going away so let’s embrace it. And then we move into physical and mental fuel that can keep you accelerating during stress.

Move into a state of radical acceptance when it comes to stress. It’s not going away so develop a mantra around it.
Make sure your physical health is on point.
Fuel your mind with content that makes you feel resilient and more capable of handling the stress that is on your plate.

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