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The founder of Optimize sits down with the founder of Spartan for a power-packed conversation on participating in excellence, actualizing your potential and being a hero! How can you “Optimize” your life to be your absolute best? What can we learn from ancient Greek philosophers? And what do the roots of words teach us? Brian Johnson scours the greatest books to bring you the core concepts through his digital ecosystems, on how to reach your highest potential.  Grab a pen Spartans, because this philosopher has much noteworthy wisdom to share.

Spartan Up Podcast interview episode 277


Live + participate in excellence Have emotional stamina

Use your energy efficiently Have a clear target + do what needs to get done

Pain can be a source of joy

Be willing to fail

OMMS: Obstacles make me (you) stronger

Be a hero- be a protector

Live for something bigger than yourself

Serve profoundly

Actualize your potential

Be a warrior of the mind

Live with virtue in service to the world!


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00:00 Joe & Johnny introduce this week's guest


1:55 Interview begins with Joe’s “old buddy”

4:00 Thermopylae, Philosophy + ancient Greece

5:00 Hedonic happiness ?

6:00 Legacy + emotional stamina

8:00 Never compromise your values

9:00 Participate in excellence

10:45 Have a clear target

12:45 Pain as a source of joy

13:15 Being willing to fail

14:30 Efficiently using your energy

15:15 Getting out of your comfort zone

16:15 OMMS: Obstacles make me stronger

17:30 Optimize

18:15 Hero as protector


21:10 Interview returns with Spartan Tea

24:15 Burning the monastery

25:30 Cultivating “soul force”

26:45 Actualizing your potential

27:30 Roles + goals + the “Big Three”

29:00 Putting it into practice

30:30 Joe & Johnny do their “omms” & discuss philosophical lessons learned



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CREDITS: Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Hosts: Joe De Sena, Dr. Johnny Waite Col. Nye & Sefra Alexandra are off Optimizing in an undisclosed location Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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