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Ben Greenfield is a longtime friend of the Spartan community and is one of the most well recognized and respected names in the health, fitness & nutrition sectors. On this episode of Spartan Up podcast Joe De Sena sits down with him at Spartan Media Fest by ATP Science in Tahoe. Ben “is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life.”” They discuss his methodology “unschooling” his children with his wife, the great learning opportunities in building Fort Chipmunk, the latest science and trends in biohacking, and his daily routine and the core practices he incorporates. If you want to learn the science behind the trends you hear about - he is your guy! (also you get to see he & Joe kiss!).

Be able to creatively adapt & create
Find your passion & let free play emerge
Model as a parent the tactics you want your kids to learn
Learn how to soak, sprout & ferment your food properly to get optimal nutrition
Expose your body to mild stressors to build strength
Support the natural morning cortisol rise
Understand your reactive verse productive work
Your body is a battery: keep it charged!
Grounding, earthing, light, heat, cold & hydration every day!

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0:00 Joe & Sefra welcome Ben back to the podcast
1:20 this episode brought to you by
1:45 Interview begins with a kiss
2:45 Building company, writing books & coaching others
3:20 Ft. Chipmunk & kids being homeschooled: experiential learning
5:30 Ability to pivot with skill sets
6:15 Unschooling curriculum: identify & support passions
7:35 Parenting: be a model and mentor for your kids
9:15 Socialization for homeschooled children
10:40 Traveling for work as an ancient male archetype
12:30 Biohacking update: “grinders & wet-wear”
13:20 Peptides & amino acid sequences
16:25 Episode returns with lectins (plants defense mechanisms)
18:15 Learn proper food prep to gain full nutritional benefit
19:45 Benefits of foraging to make your gut stronger
20:45 Ben’s “perfect day” schedule: starting with breathing, gratitude & oil pulling
24:25 “Eating the frog” & when to do the hard workout in your day
26:00 Circadian rhythms in relation to eating, sleeping & family dinners
27:30 Supporting natural cortisol rise in the morning
28:15 Science of the sauna & cold plunge
29:35 Mammalian dive reflex, nerve tone & fight/ flight mechanisms
30:55 reactive verse productive work & a 20 minute nap
32:00 pure family time
33:15 Your body is a battery
34:30 Sefra & Joe discuss the download from Ben


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