The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Dominic Schlueter was a regular kid who loved running. Through consistency, the right influences, and taking action on his dreams, he's built a thriving podcast and brand at just 18 years old.
In this episode, Dominic recounts how from a young age he found joy in challenging himself on the track. That drive soon led him to seek out greater obstacles through podcasts and books. And it inspired him to start his own show to share the stories of people that he found inspiring.
Dominic talks about his fascination with Joe’s podcast and “threats” from his dad to send him to Joe De Sena's infamous farm. Years later, he is having an interview with Joe himself and talking about pushing himself to the limit through running, life-changing lessons he learned about grit, a circle of influence, and turning passion into purpose.
Tune in to hear more from this fascinating young man!

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