The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“If you solve a problem for a customer you earn more loyalty and then they come back for more,” says Doug Waggoner, a Fortune 1000 CEO. 


Spartan Up Combat Series host Ryan Warner talks to Doug about navigating obstacles, taking risks and how / when to use Transcendental Meditation. In this episode you’ll learn,


-How to know when it’s the ‘right’ time to start a business

-If you don’t know how to do something, take the time to learn it

-Everyone is a sales person in business

-Doug’s process for stress management

-Transcendental Meditation and Doug’s routine

-What we experience is based on our beliefs

-How to eradicate limiting beliefs


About Doug
Douglas R. Waggoner has served as Chief Executive Officer of Echo Global Logistics since December 2006 and has been a Board member since February 2008. Prior to joining Echo, Mr. Waggoner founded SelecTrans, LLC, a freight management software provider based in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Waggoner holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from San Diego State University.


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