The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Tired of feeling drained? Struggling with inflammation or other health issues? Mason Kuhr shares his holistic approach to tapping into your inner strength.
​​Through simple daily rituals like cold exposure, meditation, and burpees, Mason has optimized his energy levels, productivity, and recovery. He'll reveal how reconnecting with nature can boost your immunity, testosterone, and more.
​​You'll also learn Mason's unique take on making wellness accessible and how Stampede Network is revolutionizing holistic living for the modern man or woman.
​​Discover real stories of people healing from issues like infertility and immobility through bee products and lifestyle tweaks. Mason will motivate you to optimize your health and performance from the inside out by harnessing your spiritual power.
​​00:00 A spiritual take on health and wellness
​​01:27 The benefits of bee bread
​​03:04 Making holistic wellness cool
​​05:50 Dopamine hacking
​​06:44 Mason’s daily routine
​​09:14 Meditation and dealing with stress
​​11:01 What’s next for Mason Kuhr?

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