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With this episode, we honor all veterans, and at the same time share the incredible lessons, valuable in all walks of life, this one leader has distilled from a life of service. In honor of Veterans Day for this special episode Joe De Sena sat down with Retired Command Sergeant Major Rick Lamb - among his significant military background a Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Joint Commendation Medal with V Device for valor, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal with three Bronze Campaign Stars and Invasion Arrowhead, Master Parachute Badge, Ranger and Special Forces Tabs, and two awards of the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Lamb explains the clarity with which mission, purpose and leadership can be conveyed and bestowed and talks about the essentials of a solid team. In the end it is about being able to trust the person to your left and right and mastering your profession. First step? Looking the part and be the part.

As a father, Lamb tells Joe how he was able to get his teen son back on track with a simple process because in the end if your not raising good humans, your not doing your job.

To all veterans out there, thank you for your service.

LOOK the part BE the part
Be a master of your profession
Know what is expected of you
Lead from the front
Leaders eat last
Build a team - Trust the person to your left and right
The Oatmeal test - raise good humans

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0:00 Starts with the oatmeal test
0:39 Intro to this episode with Sefra & Johnny
1:54 Interview begins with the art of storytelling
3:30 Joining the Rangers
4:20 Look the part- be the part
5:25 Being a master of your profession
6:15 The Ranger Creed
7:15 Knowing what’s expected of you
8:00 The orchestration of success
9:28 Reading it, studying it - knowing it
11:20 Lead from the front: follow me, do as I do
12:55 Getting after it
13:25 Building a high performing team
14:45 Styles of leadership
17:45 Tactics for landing
18:45 Jumping into Normandy
19:15 Special Veterans Day offer- ON VETERANS DAY @RealJoeDeSena on Instagram :
19:30 Getting good sleep
20:15 Build camaraderie away from the bullets
21:45 Using succinct language
22:30 Dealing with your relationship when in special forces
24:45 Identifying your kids passions
26:15 Mapping your passions: Creating the “Man List”
28:30 Twelve years working towards goals
32:20 Join the conversation on Instagram
33:00 Johnny & Sefra discuss takeaways from this interview

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena, Dr. Johnny Waite & Sefra Alexandra
Col. Nye is off on a different expedition- thank you for your service sir !
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress
Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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