The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

He was a sick young kid who went from doctor to doctor looking for a diagnosis, finally realizing to truly find a solution he would have to become a Doctor himself. Hear his take on fasting, saunas, cold showers and the best food to start the day. His holistic solutions are a hybrid of Functional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine & genetics that uses state of the art lab testing to guide holistic and traditional treatments. Listen to your gut Spartans!

Understand your digestive system & rebuild your gut
Don’t discount traditional medicines
Tailor your diet and treatment to your unique needs
Manage your eating window
Fasting for rest, recuperation & rebuilding
Relaxation is vital for balance

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0:00 Joe, Col. Nye & Sefra introduce the interview
1:40 Tiger Balm Active
2:10 Interview begins with Stephen Cabral at Fenway
3:00 Diagnosing a chronic medical condition
4:00 Turning to alternative medicine practitioners
5:45 Looking to the digestive system for answers
7:30 Functional medicine, Ayurvedic medicine & genetics.
8:50 Deficiencies & toxicities
10:20 Sefra and Col. Nye talk about Tiger Balm Active
11:35 Interview with Stephen Cabral continues after some Spartan Tea
12:45 Human energy cycle based on daylight
14:00 The “Recovery Week”
15:20 Saunas effectiveness
18:00 Benefits of fasting
19:00 Balance is key
20:45 Mobility & flexibility key
21:25 Joe, Sefra and the Colonel discuss how to integrate lessons learned into your daily routine
26:45 Tiger Balm Active

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena, Sefra Alexandra, Colonel Nye (Johnny Waite directing Spartan Malaysia)
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra
Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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