The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

In that moment when you think your life will end, will you have regrets? During his second Afghanistan deployment Green beret Kevin Flike was shot in the abdomen, what did he think in those touch and go moments? Kevin says “an experience is worth nothing unless you share it,” now he shares the story of his own recovery and his experiences going from highly competent soldier to a man who needed help putting on his socks. He talks about fear, courage (which he defines as “going forward when the outcome is uncertain,”) and the power of setting exceptional goals. With his wife’s encouragement, he got off pain medication, got himself into both MIT and Harvard, and started the Green Beret Foundation. He’s created a documentary to raise awareness and funds for the Green Beret Foundation called “Wounded by War.”

Have long term goals
Setup small milestones along the way
Find something that motivates you to not quit
Understand the sacrifice it takes to get where you want
Failure is the best teacher: fail early, fail often
Don’t be afraid- just get out there
Try new things and be open to the experience

Kevin’s Documentary Film
More about Kevin
Wounded by War on Instagram
Green Beret Foundation

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0:00 Joe De Sena, Dr. L , Johnny Waite & Col. Nye introduce Kevin’s episode
1:47 Powerful Foods code SpartanPower
2:13 Interview begins with guest host Dr. L
3:00 Getting shot in the stomach
5:00 Dealing with wounds
7:00 Support staff and path to recovery
10:45 Powerful Foods Break
12:50 Habit number 9 of the 31 Habits of the Healthiest Spartans
14:45 Interview continues: degrees from Harvard & MIT
18:00 Lessons learned
20:45 Joe, Dr. L, Johnny & Col. Nye discuss the interview and how you can apply lessons learned from Kevin’s experience to your life
25:43 Powerful Foods
26:00 Show close

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