Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

What patterns did you learn as a child? How are they showing up in your adult life? Bizzie Gold unveils the mystery behind the obstacles and triggers in your mind that hold you back from realizing our full potential. The founder of the massive phenomenon Buti Yoga, Bizzie Gold was not satisfied with breakthroughs in physical health. This week she and Joe discuss how Sustainable Self-Mastery can be conquered through her paradigm shifting BREAK Method.


  • Don’t adhere to a victim mentality
  • Practice self awareness and do a “check-in”
  • Take note of what triggers you
  • Observe your emotional responses
  • Be open and unafraid to uncover what is holding you back




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0:00 Johnny, the Colonel & Dr. L introduce Bizzie’s episode

2:25 Interview with Joe De Sena & Bizzie Gold at Spartan World Championships begins

4:15 Directed storytelling

5:00 Overcoming childhood adversity

6:30 Not embracing the victim mentality

7:30 “You’re a Liar”

9:45 31 Habits  Relearning About Fats


12:30 The interview continues & Joe’s completely “fixed” :)

13:15 Obstacle course vs online course

14:00 Buti Yoga- the cure to something that is hidden

16:25 Core beliefs about yourself

17:45 “Go Into the Chaos”

20:00 Dr. Johnny, Colonel Nye & Dr. L discuss how to integrate Bizzie’s method into your daily routine




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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena, Johnny Waite,Colonel Nye & guest host Dr. L (Sefra Alexandra was on expedition in the South Pacific)


Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


© 2019 Spartan

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