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Star volleyball player Gabby Reece’s is one half of a power couple with husband Laird Hamilton. The wisdom she’s gained as a public figure, a pro & Olympic athlete, a sports model, a mother, and as partner to an alpha guy like Laird caused our podcast team to nickname her “Yoda.” Gabby has an unexpected message of accepting and nurturing people as they are and how they choose to define their objectives. She may have even shifted Joe’s paradigm, but we doubt it, yet there’s a good chance she’ll adjust yours.

Although we would have loved interviewing her husband Laird too, serendipity had him rescuing Hawaiians from floods brought on by torrential rainfall and that meant we received “Yoda’s” wisdom uncut.

1. It can be a show of strength to let someone else take the lead.

2. Your kids are not hearing you or listening to you, but you can be certain that they’re watching you.

3. Another interpretation of “the meek shall inherit the earth” is that they all had swords, they just didn’t unsheath them. 

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