The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

In sports and energy drinks Lance Collins is the top of the heap. How did he get there? By being fast, funded, cutting edge, and well branded for the last three decades. And, critically, by being passionate enough to have a near single minded purpose. He has made great fortunes and launched successful products time and again. What keeps him coming back for more?  Listen and learn what makes Lance tick this week on Spartan Up! 


1. It’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow.

2. Whatever your million dollar idea is, it must be disruptive. Don’t be a me too.

3. Above all, if a product isn’t eye catching the rest doesn’t matter. 


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, and Col. Tim Nye.
Synopsis – Matt Baatz
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