The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

There are no valid excuses for staying on the couch, all 52 Spartan Up guests of 2017 agree. The panel is on site in Iceland for the Spartan Ultra & Agoge 007 on the cusp of  winter solstice, in the midst of a brutal storm, and in imminent peril from an active volcano. In other words, the perfect race scenario and an ideal backdrop for the theme of this week’s episode: no excuses.  Which 2017 podcast stories epitomize this the best and why? How can you eliminate excuses for 2018 and beyond? Listen; watch; find out, then get moving.


1. It’s better to fail on the stage than on the couch.

2. “Sneakers on, “ I.e., prime bigger actions through smaller ones that are easier to take each and every day.

3. If you’re serious about meeting your goals, you can’t say yes to everything.

4. Pain is inevitable, so instead of trying to avoid it, harness it in service of a better life. 

5. As Robert Fulghum said, “... I may give my life meaning by throwing myself recklessly into it daily, as if something astonishing is happening and I am part of it. It is and I am.”


Spartan Agoge -

Sneakers On

Not To Do List

Better to Fail on the Stage than the Couch

Rose Wetzel

Pain is Inevitable, don’t let that stop you

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