The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Is Paleo the best diet? The CrossFit pioneer who authored “The Paleo Solution” says maybe. Results may vary according to who you are. The point is you’ll need to experiment a little. Similarly when he started the first CrossFit gym. Rob Wolf didn’t have the franchise model or rule book, He had to write it himself. If you’re going to be successful, he urges you to do the same.

Listen this week to learn why Robb Wolf got into CrossFit, wrote “The Paleo Solution,” why you should read his new book “Wired to Eat,” and his secret to success.


1. Sometimes you succeed because you’re left with no other choice.

2. Experiment: try something for a month then determine its cost/benefit for you.

3. Run with your passion and find people who will compensate for your weaknesses.

Links: Robb Wolf’s new book “Wired to Eat”


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