The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Forget what your first grade teacher told you, according to Kelly Starrett, owner and cofounder of Mobility WOD, children should never sit still in class. He believes that we learn better, are healthier, and by burning more calories are starting to reverse the obesity epidemic when we are standing. Even healthy adults who work out regularly suffer from the negative affects of too much sitting. Starrett, through his crossfit gym, encourages the type of holistic practice that will prepare an elite athlete, or a normal person, for any situation. In this episode, he describes how in depth.


    1.The benefit of having a good conditioning program is not learning how to suffer but learning how to problem solve in the face of discomfort.
    2.There’s no way to solve the obesity epidemic without tackling sitting and inactivity.
    3.If we can’t use the lessons of elite sport to help the layman, then sport is just folly.

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