The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

To be a success, or even to survive, emotional intelligence often trumps raw IQ, as Jordan Harbinger discovered while being detained and interrogated in Serbia. He used his humanity to escape. Similarly, being empathetic and genuine is just as important in finding and keeping friends and lovers as it is in advancing in your chosen field. Harbinger taught this through his Art of Charm podcasts and life coaching, and now on his "Jordan Harbinger Show.". As he describes in this episode, it’s not so much the skills you add that are important, but the bad habits that you subtract in order to expose your best self.

    1.    Unless you are at the top of your field or a workhorse, relationship skills are the key to advancement.
    2.    If you want to present your best self you need to silence the self criticism.
    3.    External sources of validation (fancy cars, houses, etc.) are not as impressive to emotionally healthy people as displaying your true self.
    4.    If you’re not creating good habits you’re creating bad habits, but you’re creating habits no matter what. 



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