The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

As superhuman as skilled parkour practitioners appear, Dan Edwardes reveals a very different view of the sport he helped popularize. Through running, jumping, crawling and climbing it brings us back to our roots, the functional ways that humans were meant to move, quite apart from the desk jockeying and couch denting now common. According to Edwardes, Parkour is a metaphor for life: one person's obstacle is another's stepping stone. As he proves, this amazing sport has the ability to completely flip flop your frame of reference.

1. Treat fear like a cowardly friend--it's advice might be right some of the time, but you wouldn't want it to rule your life.
2. Obstacles are really stepping stones we can use to better our lives.
3. If you are content on the path you have chosen, then you are successful no matter the opinion of others.

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