The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

How does Jeff Clarke, the new CEO of Kodak Film, propose to take a company that the digital age has rendered bankrupt back into prominence? He has a few tricks up his sleeve. If you ask him, analogue film, much like vinyl records in the music industry, is an art form that is bound to make a comeback. Furthermore, film has spurred many cutting edge technologies with exciting possibilities for everything from healthcare to smell free clothing. Clarke tells us why he welcomes the challenge.

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1. Spartan values and philosophies are valuable in work and life.
2. Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle helps the mind process clearly at work.
3. As a leader it is important to take time to mentor employees and monitor their wellness by supporting the importance of living a balanced life.

Panel Notes:
Joe Desena: What kind of a guy, one who is already wealthy and a great family man, takes on the task of rebuilding one of the world’s if not the world’s greatest iconic brand, Kodak? He is basically done in life:  He has all he needs living in California with a wonderful family and decides this is going to be awesome, “I am going to help revive and save one of the world's greatest brands.”
Col. Nye: Adaptation is crucial; individuals and corporations cannot remain stagnant. Environments change; goals change; technology changes. Competitors recognize and leverage change to their advantage.

Sefra Alexandra: A true leader and proprietor of obstacle immunity is a successful CEO that consistently throws himself into difficult situations with faith in his role as a mentor/ leader and belief in the Phoenix model of resurrecting businesses such as the iconic Kodak.

Johnny Waite: You always need to push limits and look for new opportunities. Kodak was enormously successful but rejected opportunity to grow by clinging to old way of being. You cannot be afraid to grow and evolve. Staying physically active keeps you mentally sharp. Always find a way to workout, especially when you are just out of your normal routine/element.

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